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Fitness Program Offerings

Fitness programs are available as private lessons, group classes, or workshops.  In addition to private lessons, small groups of 2 to 4 students can be formed. Private lessons can be held at Dynamic Dog Sports in Adamstown, MD with our portable equipment (agility ladders, physio-balls, and other small Pilates equipment) or at our Pilates studio in Rockville, Maryland which is equipped with two Reformers.

In-home or travel appointments can be arranged depending on the geographical location. Travel time is added to the hourly fee.

The Rockville Studio:

IMG_0273 (1).jpg

 Debra specializes in providing personalized fitness programs.  As part of a private lesson program, a home exercise program can be designed.  It could include a warm-up, a series of targeted exercises, stretching plus a recommended cardio routine.  The exercises are specific to the client's goals and are progressed over time to provide more challenges.  The home program review can be done by Zoom. 

Fitness for K9 Agility Handlers Workshops

Introducing a workshop series at Dynamic Dog Sports in Adamstown, MD for Agility Handler Fitness!

Demo videos of potential workshops:

Demo video for Core Strength Workshop

Demo video for Multi-Directional Leg Work

Demo video for Rotation Workshop

Demo video for Circuit Workshop

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